Our Story

Alan, Kristy, Andy, and Julie met August 2019 in their local Jeep Club, North Texas Jeep Renegades. Due to their passion for the Renegade platform they quickly became friends.

That following February their jeep club had an off-road event down in Austin, TX and they decided to camp instead of getting a hotel. Alan and Kristy were already veteran overlanders and decided to help guide Andy and Julie on a good setup for the trip.

After the trip to Austin, Julie and Andy decided to refocus their Renegade build for exploration and going off-grid. The team took several more trips to test equipment and fine tune their setups. They also decided to start filming their adventures to keep record of how things were progressing.


The team was enjoying the whole process so much that they decided to start Renegade Expedition. The goal for Renegade Expedition is to document and share overland adventures with the world. We want to bring an increased environmental awareness and show others how to start adventuring. We would love for others to be able to get outdoors explore the beautiful world around them.